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Annual Fuel Economy Guide with 2014 Models Released

December 5, 2013 by Clean Cities

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Energy Department  released on December 3 the 2014 Fuel Economy Guide, providing consumers with a resource to identify and choose the vehicles that are the most fuel efficient and emit the lowest amount of greenhouse gases. The 2014 models include efficient and low-emission vehicles in a variety of classes and sizes, ensuring a wide variety of choices available for consumers.

The guide provides “Top Ten” lists allowing consumers to see the most efficient advanced technology vehicles as well as the most efficient gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.  Consumers will also find a broad range of information in the guide that can be helpful while shopping for a new vehicle— including an estimated annual fuel cost for each vehicle. The estimate is based on the vehicle’s miles per gallon (mpg) rating and national estimates for annual mileage and fuel prices. An online version of the guide, available through, allows consumers to enter local gasoline prices and typical driving habits to receive a personalized fuel cost estimate. Also, for the second consecutive year, the guide includes a 1-10 greenhouse gas rating for each model, providing a quick way for consumers to identify vehicles with low greenhouse gas emissions. See the website.

EPA fuel economy estimates are the best way to compare the fuel economy among vehicles.  Official fuel economy testing is controlled, repeatable, and accounts for a variety of real-world conditions for the average driver, like air conditioning usage and a variety of speed and temperature conditions. Individual mileage will vary depending on factors such as driving style, high air conditioning usage, carrying extra weight, towing trailers, and weather.  EPA and the Energy Department will update the guide online as more 2014 vehicles become available. See the Energy Department press release and tips for efficient driving.

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