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Electrification Committee


getready_cfcccElectricity can be used to power all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. These vehicles can draw electricity directly from the grid and other off-board electrical power sources and store it in batteries. Hybrid electric vehicles use electricity to boost fuel efficiency. Using electricity to power vehicles can have significant energy security and emissions benefits.

Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition has partnered with Project Get Ready Central Florida to establish an Electrification Committee.  With this strong group of professionals leading the charge we are confident the future success of EV deployment in the Central Florida region is secure.

Get Ready Central Florida is a collaborative group of businesses, governments, utilities, and non-profits striving to increase the use of electricity as an alternative to fossil fuels.  By doing so the group aspires to stimulate the economy while improving air quality in a region bordering on non-attainment status.

In just 2 years, Get Ready Central Florida has emerged as one of 13 groups recognized, by the Rocky Mountain Institute, as a nationwide leader in electrification efforts.

For more information about the Electrification Committee please send requests to   Or visit our websites at  and

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