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New Campaign Promotes Benefits of Propane Autogas for School Buses

December 9, 2013 by Clean Cities

MFP-LogoTAMPA – Dec. 4, 2013 – Moving Forward with Propane was created to inspire others, in the spirit of grassroots advocacy, to encourage Florida’s school officials to explore the transition to school buses powered by propane autogas.

Today, virtually all of Florida’s 20,000 school buses run on diesel fuel and nearly three-quarters would fail current EPA emissions standards. This means they may spew more than ten times the dangerous particulate matter allowed by current EPA regulations.

This particulate matter and other diesel emissions, according to the EPA, “can lead to serious health conditions like asthma and allergies, especially in… children,” complicate heart and lung disease, pollute Florida’s estuaries and emit greenhouse gases.

Propane autogas is an abundant clean domestic energy source collected entirely in North America with 90 percent coming directing from within the US.  Autogas costs approximately one-third the price of diesel and saves school districts on average $.40 per mile. When calculated per mile, per day, per bus, over the life of the bus, school districts with smaller fleets can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Larger districts can realize savings in the millions.

Propane autogas fuel systems uphold rigorous school bus safety standards with puncture resistant tanks supported by 50,000 psi steel frame rails and an ignition point 500 degrees hotter than gasoline.

Propane autogas school bus fleets are a win-win for school districts and the environment. Visit for more information.

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