St Augustine things to do

Free Things to do in St Augustine

St Augustine Florida – Free Points of Interest Throughout St Augustine Florida, there are several, what we would call, “points of interest”. Not really attractions or tours but still interesting stops along the way. All are free of charge; now that’s really nice. Most of these will be just shortstops as you wander around the … Read more

St Augustine Trolley

St Augustine Tours

St Augustine tours are fun, historic, interesting, and even romantic. Be sure to take a tour or two while you are visiting our beautiful old city. Whether you have arrived in St Augustine on one of those great Budget Holiday Deals or whether you are just visiting friends or family, there are no excuses for … Read more

Historic Sites St Augustine

St. Augustine Historic Sites

You are walking through the streets of an ancient city, where the territory was once controlled by natives, and then by the English, Spanish and French explorers. Where once upon a time pirates pillaged and with the help of providence and a mighty hurricane, the English Armada removed and obliterated not only a French fort … Read more

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

Read about everything that you can do at the amazing St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. No matter where you live, St. Augustine, Florida should be a vacation destination for you. The oldest city in America offers many family fun activities that are sure to make your vacation an amazing one. When you are in … Read more