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About Elias Webster

Elias Webster is a dedicated and experienced environmentalist working in Central Florida Clean Cities (CFCC). He has devoted his career to promoting clean energy, combating climate change, and making the world a healthier place.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Elias was exposed to green initiatives early on as his parents had always encouraged him to find ways to help protect the planet. After graduating from high school he enrolled in a local college hoping to pursue a degree in environmental studies. While there he interned with CFCC and found himself being inspired by their mission of sustainability and clean energy.

Elias eventually graduated with an Environmental Studies degree soon after which he began working full-time at CFCC as an outreach coordinator. His job entails connecting the CFCC with governments, businesses, schools, and other organizations in order to spread awareness of their initiative. He also educates people on the benefits of clean energy such as increased air quality and cost savings from reduced electricity use.

In addition to this work, Elias also works closely with local communities helping them build sustainable infrastructure like solar panels or electric car charging stations. This helps promote renewable energy sources that can reduce emissions significantly over traditional fossil fuels thus helping combat pollution levels in the area.

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